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  1. Laura Strabuliene

    Mrz 8th, 2016

    My name is Laura Strabuliene and I am a musicologist working at the National Library of Lithuania. Firstly, I would like to express my sincere, though belated, condolences on the death of Mr. Alan Kelly.
    Currently, I have been doing research into the history and discography of early shellac records. Our archive houses early Lithuanian records released by the Zonophone Record Company at the beginning of the 20th century. The problem is I still have difficulty in finding the dates of their recordings. I have recently been informed that the data which is so valuable for my scientific research could be found in the discography A Complete Numerical Catalogue of Russian Gramophone Recordings made from 1899 to 1929 in Russia and elsewhere (CAT 2), compiled by Mr. Alan Kelly. I would be grateful if You could inform me what should be done to acquire this discography.

    Laura Strabuliene

  2. Iñigo Cubillo

    Sep 6th, 2016

    Dear Laura:
    Years ago I had the great chance of being during some time writing to Mr. Kelly, about spanish recordings, etc. And that epoch I remember one of the happiest. He was undoubtedly a Kind Man and a great eminence in discography. I got from him several of their catalogues, already in CD form, of course most of them for the spanish HMV branch. But as far as I acquired also some other catalogues, several of those devoted to personal HMV expert’s series, I’d be glad to check them in case any of the files would fit your needs. If you send details about which matrix series you need, I’ll check and send the files to you. My email is above.

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