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  1. Paul Cleary

    Feb 24th, 2024

    Suresh had unbounded enthusiasm for old recordings which not only led him to establish the Society of Indian Record Collectors (SIRC), publicising Indian record collecting in the West and leaving behind a phenomenal 4,693 items on the Internet Archive, but also propelled him around the world to most of the GHT’s annual meetings. As another retired civil servant I felt a sympathy with him and will always regret never being able to meet him and not being able to help him as much as he helped me. For instance I’ll never forget his generosity in giving me an Indian G&T of Gauhar Jan, which arrived in the post one day via a friend of his returning to the UK. And of course his help to the late Michael Kinnear likewise led to Michael’s publications and discographies throwing light in the rest of the English-speaking world on the until then barely known field of early Indian sound recordings. Rest in peace, Suresh.

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